House O'Jacks, Jack Russell Terriers
We are a J.R.T.C.A. affiliated kennel, adhering to the breeder's code of ethics.

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A little about US....

Welcome to House O'Jacks! We have been a small family owned kennel since 1999 only raising the JRT. I also worked for several years with Jack Russell Rescue. All of our puppies are whelped and raised in our home with our family to ensure proper socialization and get the puppies used to everyday noises.
We are located on the eastern border of OK/AR. We own over 5 acres that sits in the middle of some of the most beautiful country living. Our location allows us access to 100s of acres of National Wildlife property as well as our own place & that of others that have allowed us permission to use their properties to let our terriers have as much hunting time as possible. We are dedicated to preserving this breed for their working ability as they were originally bred to do over 100 years ago.
My goal is to produce high-quality well rounded terriers with my priority being on temperament, first and foremost, sound body and health. I strive for a terrier that will be a loving devoted companion to his/her family as well as being able to handle a full day's work, whether that be hunting in the fields, tracking deer, hunting squirrel and rabbit, ridding the barn of rats and raccoons, or just keeping the back yard rid of unwanted pests and playing with the kids. Our terriers have been BAER tested (hearing), CERF'ed (vision), and we are beginning to DNA test for PLL. All of this is done to ensure that we are breeding top notch, genetically sounds terriers to make their lives as long and lively as possible. The blood lines that we have, and will continue to carry on with, have proven themselves for over 30 years to be exactly what I strive for!!

We have competed for over 10 years at trials/shows across the U.S. and I am proud to say that we have won many many championships, from puppy classes to adult Working and Open classes, with our terriers. We only have two terriers currently without a championship and that's only because I took a break for a the past 3 1/2 years from the competition scene and these terriers have come at that time, but in 2012 you will see us at our normal shows giving it all we've got!!!

Toni and Ricky Ryburn
Poteau, OK or and find us on facebook, House O'Jacks Terriers.

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